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It's a Key Per!!!

There’s something to be said about keys, especially those that are handed to us for the first time. I still remember the exhilaration I felt when given the keys to the family car after getting my drivers’ license. Being able to cruise down the main street and carrying the keys in my hand for all to see made me feel empowered.

The thrill of being handed the keys after closing on the new home I watched being built for 9 months was even more exciting. The anticipation of decorating a new home was almost too much to handle. Of course, this was the MOST important perk for me!

And then there was the time I was handed the key to a beach house on Cape Cod, but that’s another story. It’s also the reason I should never be trusted with a key to anybody’s house, on a beach or elsewhere for that matter.

Brass keys aren’t as popular anymore and who knows how long they will even be in production? In the meantime, I have been fortunate enough to accumulate a small reserve of old keys that were destined for the landfill. So, I have taken full advantage of embellishing a portion of them that can be worn as pins or used to adorn packages an note cards. There’s quite an array of things you can do with them after you ‘fancy’ them up. Here’s some that I have embellished with beads and wires.

Here's some bedazzled with glitter, paint, beads and Swarovski crystals:

Here's some that are not painted but embellished with wires and charms. The one on the left does have a crystal added to it though. Just because.

And talk about the fancy schmancy elegant keys below with all the bells and whistles.

Lastly, here's a package with a ‘fancy’ key and some ribbons.

So, the next time you find yourself with an old key that has outlived its’ use, try decorating it. The person you hand it to may become exhilarated and feel empowered and the best part? It won’t be able to be used to get into anyone’s beach house... anywhere!

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K T Dyer
K T Dyer
Dec 08, 2023

Omg, they are all amazing! Quite artistic

Dec 21, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, KT. I appreciate your comment.

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