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Fudge'n Peg Dolls

I first saw peg dolls at a craft fair many years ago that were made up as soldiers. They looked so regal with their red pom pom hats and painted uniforms in royal blue with gold trims. I really admired them and knew that I could make my own version and I did. As a matter of fact, I made many of them and hung them on my Christmas tree with my other wooden ornaments I had been collecting over the years. I would show you a photograph, but I have none and I have no idea whatever happened to the soldiers either. I guess they must have marched off into the sunset. I mean, it has been a very long time...

I decided that I would make some peg dolls this year to use as package adornments. I needed some inspiration, so I did an online search and found a few different versions. Some were made up as angels, some as mermaids, and of course, some as soldiers. I would imagine there are others, but these must be the popular ones because they are all I could find. So here are some of the ones that I recently created.

Every Christmas I make several batches of fudge that I make for my friends. And every year, I experiment with different packaging ideas. Here’s an example of one of those ideas that I used many years ago with items that were left over from another project. I suppose you could call it an example of shabby chic, no?

Now being that I spent quite a bit of time creating my peg dolls, I wanted the additional embellishment of the brown kraft paper packaged fudge loaf to be very simple, leaving the doll as the star of the show. I just added some different ribbons and trims and let them be wrapped loosely for that homey look. As far as adhering the dolls to the package, I did use hot glue even though I am not a fan of it for a few reasons.

For a special bonus, I am going to give up the fudge recipe that I have been asked for many times as soon as I set up my Instagram account. The recipe is not only extremely easy, but it's addictingly delicious, too. After posting it, my friends will now be able to make it themselves! LOL!

Hope you try your hand at making your own fudge'n peg dolls. Your friends and family will be impressed.

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