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From A Dull Duckling to A Swanky Swan

Updated: Jan 22

It's a new year and my first blog is featuring something new - an upcycled 3-legged table. To make a long story short (you know it never turns out that way, right?), I ended up with a very old, rickety, extremely short, and downright ugly table. It was originally my great grandparents', passed down to my parents', and then I rescued it a couple of years ago from its' most probable destination - the landfill. To me, it was comparable to Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. It was just so pathetic and even the choice of paint color, a putrid peach, was as boring, and blah as could be. It ended up sitting inside my garage until a couple of months ago. Here's 2 photos of it. See, I wasn't exaggerating.

Before any much-needed makeover could be performed on this poor table, it had to be taken apart to make it strong and sturdy. I don't know who tried to 'fix' it, but whoever it was, they had no idea of what they were doing. There were nails going into the legs sideways, probably the person thought it would 'stable duh table', but this didn't work, so the rusty nails had to be removed. Then each leg had to be removed and all pieces were subject to stripping, sanding, then all glued back together, and primed for painting. No nails!!! Now did I do this hard work? Oh poleese, no. I leave this work for my sweetheart. 😍

With a nice, clean slate, it was easy to paint. I chose black, white, gold, and deep turquoise. I only worked on it a little every few days, leaving enough time for each of the 3 coats I painted to thoroughly dry. It took me around a month to fully complete it. Stephen added the finishing touch of seal priming it which really made the colors pop. It's still squatty, but it's now stable and a real 'looker'. It just needed a whole bunch of love and that is exactly what it received.

And speaking of squatty, I found that hanging a long mirror above it, which I painted the frame on a while ago, sort of melded it all together. The table doesn't look as squatty now. Also, adding the jester piece that I have had for several years, put the cherry on top. Looking at this ensemble makes me smile and it sort of has that 'Alice in Wonderland' vibe to it, no?

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Jan 03

Wow you did an amazing job! You are so talented and your vision of how to transform the boring into the exciting and beautiful is phenomenal!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jan 04
Replying to

Thank you very much for your kind words. It is most appreciated. 😘

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