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Canning Memories

We all have memories and sometimes we even have small mementos to remind us of them. These things can be movie tickets, coins from different countries we travelled to, tokens, ribbons for being recognized, etc. However, most of these items get packed away in a box that is then stuffed in a closet, attic, garage, or anywhere else that is out of our sight. So why do we even keep them, right?


When someone passes on, it’s customary for the family to gather up and disperse their loved one’s possessions within the family or even friends. Some items that are not claimed by anyone either go to charity, are donated, are auctioned off, while some are just discarded.


But what if we had something that would showcase the mementos, be useful, be upcycled, and be beautiful all at the same time? I’m thinking something like this below.


My oldest (as in I have known her for the longest of all of my friends) and dearest (because she is!) sent me a few packages of items that were her mother's after she had passed on. These packages were complete treasure troves in my eyes as they contained gorgeous buttons, vintage jewelry pieces, watches, keys, and many other small items perfect for creating a special memory can. I took some of these items, incorporated them with some of my embellishments, and designed this can for her.

Here's an idea for someone that may have been in the construction industry or just liked to do woodworking on the side as a hobby.


There are many other ideas that I have but I just have not had the opportunity to create yet. I plan on making one for my son that will have mementos like medals, pieces of Legos that he loved as a child, pins he earned, school photos, key chains, stickers, sports cards, etc. I will be sure to share with you when I make it.

Some can fruit and vegetables. I can memories.


For ideas on what these cans be used for, click below.


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