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Abracadabra - Fabric to Paper

When I first heard about fabric paper, I got to tell you. I was thinking it was something totally different than what I will be showing you. Since I've made homemade paper before, I thought that it was going to be something similar. To my surprise, it's totally different, totally fun, totally easy, and totally doable. 😀 The end product can also be used in several ways, too. I'll definitely be making more, but here's my first shot at it.

I first prepared my work area by covering my workspace with one of those cheap, thin, plastic table covers available at dollar stores. Then I needed some muslin fabric. I had a few remnants, and I chose one that I coffee dyed a few years ago which was approximately 7" x 20".

Then I went on a scavenger hunt for all those leftover pieces of decorative paper that I have saved (everybody has a stash, right? 🤪), cutouts from magazines, white & yellow pages (I could finally repurpose pages from those old phone books!), used postage stamps, non-metallic gift-wrapping paper, etc. I even used cutouts from old stock certificates that were no longer any good.

The next thing I did was make the glue mixture with equal parts of PVA glue (I used Elmer's) and water. I used 1/2 cup of each, and I had a lot left over. However, storing it in an airtight container and keeping it in the refrigerator will keep it lasting forever, or so I have heard. Mine never lasts very long because I am always using glue mixtures for several projects I usually have going on. The one nice thing is that I already have some available for my next batch of paper that I can't wait to make. Bonus!

The last thing you need for this phase is plain white tissue paper cut into 2"+/- strips that are long enough to cover your fabric piece. I had a very light pink sheet available, so that is what I used.

Before I began, I did a dry run on the placement of my paper pieces and took a photo of it with my phone for reference.

In order to begin the process, I removed all of the paper pieces and then dipped my paint brush into the glue mixture and painted it all over the fabric. I then placed my pieces of papers back on top of the fabric without overlapping them (this is where you will be glad you took a photo unless you have a photogenic memory - I don't), and then painted another coat of the glue mixture on top being careful not to disturb any of the pieces which are pretty much adhered by the first coat of the glue mixture. Next, I placed the cut tissue paper strips on top, slightly overlapping them and making sure to cover the entire surface. It doesn't matter if the pieces extend past the fabric because they will be trimmed later on. Lastly, I painted on a final layer of the glue mixture on top of the tissue paper strips and the waiting game began.

You need to let the fabric piece dry, so I placed mine on the lanai floor directly beneath the ceiling fan. Once it felt dry to the touch, I flipped it over and waited for the other side to dry. My fabric piece took 2-1/2 hours to fully dry, but it can take longer or shorter depending on the weather and other factors. After it was fully dry, I took a dry iron to it to flatten it out.

And now came the second phase - embellish time!!! 😍 There were so many options that could be used, but these are what I chose to do for my first try. I decided to first give my piece a wash using pink and purple watercolors.

It was subtle and just what I felt was needed for the papers I chose. Next, I decided that I wanted a little bit of shine, so I painted some silver metallic paint onto a wood mounted rubber stamp and stamped it sporadically over the piece.

At this point, I decided to go ahead and trim it down to make 90-degree angles and straight edges, sort of cleaning it up.

Once I had my piece nice and tidy, I felt it needed more embellishing, so I took a pink marker and made squiggly lines and a purple marker to make 3 purple slashes all over it.

At this point, I was pretty much satisfied, not fully naturally, but I knew that I could add more embellishing after cutting the fabric paper into pieces to use on cards. Now I could have cut it to wrap around a can or jar or cut into pages for scrapbooking or a junk journal, but since I like to have cards available for special occasions, I chose to cut it in several small pieces. I'll tell you; the texture of this paper is amazing and beautiful and easy to cut which also surprised me.

After playing around with a few ideas for composition, I knew that I wanted to add some dazzle by adding my special sprig of metallic threads that I typically use on some of my notecards. I used my tiny-holed paper punch and then pushed the threads through each hole and tied. Applying a touch of the glue mixture at the ends of the threads makes the process easier and then you can wipe the glue off and spread the threads apart.

Yes! Now I was cooking. And while I was at it, I also glued down a metal foil teapot for extra shine that I felt fit in nicely with the motif.

And now for the finished note cards with a pink background that I also added embellishing to in order to keep consistent, looky-looky below.

One last thing I would like to add here. When I first started out creating homemade cards, not only did I use rubber stamps exclusively which I no longer do, but I also drew lines to place my cut pieces perfectly on. I don't do this anymore either. My cards are lovingly made, and I like to think of them as being imperfectly perfect. They are not manufactured in a factory where they are pumped out and everything is perfect.

I made a total of six (6) cards, and I will have the full set available for viewing in awhile on both Facebook and Instagram.

Until we meet again next Wednesday, try your hand at upcycling something and have fun doing it!  

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Jun 19

This is so cool! I love it! 🥰❤️

Jun 19
Replying to

It really is! I plan on making a lot more son. Thank you.

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