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A Touch of Glass

Decoupage is a French word which when translated to English, it simply means cut, or the art of cutting. And this pretty much sums up what it is - cutting something out and then sticking it on something else. It's also as simple as learning how to use scissors and pasting in kindergarten. I have to be honest though. Decoupaging items was never a big hit for me for the same reason I never cared very much for adding transfers to furniture. Basically, they are very similar as you are cutting out someone else's design work, sticking it on something, and then calling it out as your own. To me, it was right on the line of cheating in a way. However, I discovered that by manipulating decoupaged items and adding my style to them, I was able to achieve colorful, fun, bold, and in your face results that I felt I could call my own without any guilt. 😁

I used several different sized and shaped glass jars that I cleaned in hot soapy water. Typically, it's easy to remove the paper labels during this process, but the plastic labels such as those on salsa jars that my son saves for me, need something else. Sure, you can peel the plastic labels off easily enough, but the sticky residue left on the glass is extremely stubborn. So, what's stronger than soap and water? Apparently, it's peanut butter and only a little dab on a dry cloth will work. Imagine! To remove the stamped-on ink labels that alert you to the expiration date, a little acetone or nail polish remover on a cotton ball works well.

Once the bottles were dry, it was time to paint gesso all over the jars before painting them. Gesso is great stuff and I only use the least expensive brand and yet it always provides a perfect base. It's chalky and acrylic paints grab on to it very nicely. I used two (2) coats on the glass, but I could have only used a single coat. I just happen to prefer having my items really white and opaque.

After painting on my delicious colors, it was time to cut out, or decoupage, my paper napkins that I wanted to use on the jars. I removed the white plies and only used the printed tops to glue on. I do save the white plies and use them for cleanup, so no waste. Below are two (2) of the ones I used.

Next, I painted on Modge Podge to the areas where I would be applying the paper. Then I gently pressed down on the paper to the jar and applied another coat of Modge Podge on top of it. You have to be gentle when doing this because after all, it is just tissue paper, and it can be torn if you are rough. I continued this process all the way around the jars and on the caps, as well.

Once the Modge Podge had dried, it was time for me to add 'my style' onto the jars that sets them apart from just gluing on someone else's designs.

So now I would like to introduce you to my little collection of 'touches of glass' jars below. Yes, I do eat on that dining room table in case you were interested. LOL!

Let me give you a closer look to see how I added painted black stripes and dots, silver linings, and a couple of thin strips of raffia to complete the look.

For the tall salsa jar below, I did not apply gesso to it because I didn't want to paint it all, leaving a little more glass to show. However, I applied Modge Podge on it because you need a base for the paint to adhere to it. You can see the addition of the added embellishments below as compared to the 'before' photograph.

If any of you noticed, not all of the six (6) jars in the first photo at the very top were featured in the full line up on my dining room table. Why? Look below.

They came out bad and simply did not make the final cut. Unfortunately, no roses for them at this ceremony. Now I didn't have to show you these, but I just wanted to show you that sometimes things don't always come out good, but no reason to give up because it happens. It's like those TV teaching cooking shows for example. Wouldn't you like, just for once, to see that something they cooked came out bad and it didn't come out so wonderfully delicious where they are almost having an orgasm while tasting it? I would. 😂

On a last note, and not related to this blog, I want to let you know that I have reached my limit of available storage on this website. So, I am going to be deleting older blogs every week in order to continue. I didn't want this to come as a surprise. In the meantime, thank you for your understanding and I continue to thank you for following me along this fun journey.

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Mar 23

These are beautiful. And I love how you bring all of your steps in the process to life!! ❤️🥰

Mar 25
Replying to

Thank you, Barbara. 😍


Marjorie Schwerdtfeger
Marjorie Schwerdtfeger
Mar 21

Thanks for taking us along on your journey. It is so interesting to watch the transformation of your projects.

Mar 22
Replying to

Thank YOU, Marjorie. I am glad you enjoy the transformations. It's fun for me, too. I never know how things are going to work out. 😁

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