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A Fish of a Different Composition Jar

Updated: May 17

Okay, so you're probably thinking 'Oh no, not another jar with a fish on it again this week' and well, you are correct, but I promise you that this one is different. I'll even go so far as to point out the differences. If you missed last week's upcycled jar with a fish on it, you can check it out by clicking below.

My mom used to tell me that your tastes change every ten (10) years, and I am finding this to be true, at least in my case. About a year ago, I started really liking quartered artichoke hearts which is something I never would have eaten previously. What I also really like about them is the fantastic glass jar that they come packaged in. It has four (4) flat sides with rounded corners and is just the perfect size for holding several things. The flat sides are excellent for design work, too. Last week's jar and this week's jar shapes = DIFFERENT.

The preparation is pretty much always the same: Wash and dry the jar, apply gesso, and then paint.

This week's fish is made with polymer clay, not paper clay. Last week's fish and this week's fish composition = DIFFERENT. When I use polymer clay, I get to take out and use my Pasta Queen machine that I bought from a friend at her garage sale back in the 80s. I can't tell you how many times I purchased semolina flour so that I could make my own homemade pasta. However, instead of fresh pasta, I always ended up throwing it out because it would become a weevil refuge center. So, no pasta, but plenty of polymer clay pieces and they don't raise my glucose! 😆

After feeding the clay thru the pasta machine which flattens it out evenly, I use my templates that I have made to cut out the pieces I will need. Last week's fish was made with one template and this week's fish is made with two = DIFFERENT.

Once all of the pieces are cut out for the fish and other items that I will be using, they go in the oven and get 'baked', but unlike Jim Breuer...

After 30 minutes in the oven, they are removed and set aside to cool down.

Once cooled, I start gluing the two (2) pieces together to form the fish and glue on tiny black beads for their eyes. I then paint them up a little, but not as detailed as what I do on the paper clay fish. Last week's fish has detailed painting and this week's fish not so much = DIFFERENT.

Last week, I mentioned getting a box from Robin and inside were miscellaneous items to use for crafting. There were a ton of wooden chopsticks, so I thought I would incorporate some of them on my jar. Stephen cut them to the length I needed and sanded them for me. I then painted them and ran some thin satin ribbon around each one.

Before I adhered the chopsticks to the jar, I cut a piece of leftover, wide, satin ribbon to it.

I told you last week that I would show you another way where I would be using a glue gun dripping, so check this out. When the two (2) pieces of the fish are glued together, the bottom side is not even. I really needed it to be even in order to adhere to the jar, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... Yes! The dripping made the most perfect leveling agent. Who knew glue gun drippings could be so versatile besides me? 🤪

With the fish stabilized at this point, it got glued to the chopsticks and I added two (2) squiggles to it, as well. On the sides, I added flat circles and glued beads into the holes.

The finishing touches were the addition of a black shoestring around the rim (I removed the plastic ends called aglets) and another flat marble on top of the lid. Oh, and the marble this week is a DIFFERENT color than last's week's color.

Lastly, I have some BIG news! Due to the emailing issues I was dealing with, I now have my own domain! Yes! It's now just No more Wixmail, etc. Be sure to change in your contacts, however you should still be able to access the website if you bookmarked it or saved in your favorites.

I am still in the process of working on my Facebook page and Instagram account. I will let you all know when they are functioning in the way I want them to be.

Until we meet again next Wednesday, try your hand at upcycling something and have fun doing it!

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댓글 4개

5월 27일

I just hope that my imagination holds out for a while - at least until my subscription runs out. LOL! 😁


5월 26일

So unique! I love it! Your imagination amazes me! 🥰

5월 30일
답글 상대:

I can see that happening to you 🤣🤣🤣

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